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This event list contains meetups, conferences and workshops which could be exciting for ddj-interested people. I am filling it manually, so if there’s something missing, feel free to contact me. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!
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    Mapping Boot Camp

    Columbia, Missouri

    IRE and NICAR conducts this hands-on training using the latest version of ArcView GIS. We will look at noteworthy stories that have used mapping and show you how to uncover stories using census and other data.

    The sessions will include address geocoding, thematic mapping, overlaying and spatial analysis. Participants should have basic knowledge in using relational database programs such as Microsoft Access. NICAR is a joint program of IRE and the Missouri School of Journalism.Attendees of the bootcamp have the option to receive the following discounts from Esri.

    A free license of ArcGIS Desktop that will not time out and includes one year call-in technical support and upgrades at no cost. Call-in technical support and upgrades are available on a nominal fee basis in year two.

    A free one-year subscription to ArcGIS Online that includes access to Esri's Community Analyst database.

    Please contact the Esri Media Relations team for further information.

    Click here to register for the boot camp