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This event list contains meetups, conferences and workshops which could be exciting for ddj-interested people. I am filling it manually, so if there’s something missing, feel free to contact me. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!
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    GEN Summit

    Lisbon, Portugal

    Description of the organizers: 

    Once again, there are radical shifts that are upending today’s media landscape. How can game-changing technologies such as artificial intelligence, voice interfaces, and blockchain impact your newsroom? And how can they be used to improve efficiency and build a deeper relationship with audiences? 

    Whether you are a multinational publisher or a local newsroom, the GEN Summit will present you with solutions and insights that can make your journalism more impactful – and sustainable. We’re making a place for thought-provoking conversations across three themes: 

    Disruption (30 May)   |   Personalisation (31 May)   |   Monetisation (1 June)